What is HOPE?

HOPE is a caring support group whose desire is to meet some of the needs encountered during an unplanned pregnancy through practical help and emotional support. Together with other women who share similar challenges, you can explore available options and make the choices best suited to your life. HOPE is for any woman who is either pregnant or has recently had a baby and is looking for support, friendship and assistance.

What Does HOPE Offer?

At the Community Pregnancy Center of Lake Norman, our desire is to take the “crisis” out of your unplanned pregnancy. We care about you and your child. It is our desire that in the months to come, our HOPE support group can be a blessing to you. The HOPE counselors understand the concerns that come along with pregnancy and being a new mother. We are dedicated to providing a loving, confidential environment in which you can comfortably share these concerns.

You will have the opportunity to develop important life skills helpful for you and your baby’s future.

Baby Boutique
Shop for maternity and baby items in our Boutique with the “Boutique Bucks” you will earn by completing assignments from your peer counselor.

HOPE peer counselors can help you locate needed medical, housing, or social services.