Are you thinking about having AN ABORTION?
Are others pressuring you?
Are you unsure about what to do? 

An ultrasound is an important procedure to get before you make your decision. We can provide one for FREE.

An ultrasound WILL TELL YOU…

1. How far along you are. It’s important to know this information because the abortion procedures and risks can change depending upon how many weeks pregnant you are.

2. That the baby even has a heartbeat and is growing. Did you know that almost one third of all pregnancies naturally terminate?  If this is the case, you may not even need to go through a difficult abortion procedure.

3. Your pregnancy is in the uterus where it should be. If you have a tubal (ectopic) pregnancy and you do not know it, it is dangerous to your health. If you have an ectopic pregnancy we will refer you for immediate care at a local hospital.

You have a right to know all the facts.

If you know you are pregnant and not sure what to do, you may be considering an abortion. Maybe you have already scheduled an abortion, but at the Community Pregnancy Center of Lake Norman we can provide you a free ultrasound, we can answer your questions about abortion and also give you a list of questions to ask your abortion provider. We do not provide for an abortion or refer for an abortion, but you deserve the best care and we can give you information on what you should expect from your abortion provider.

Before you decide to have an abortion, please call us and schedule your FREE ultrasound.

704-664-HOPE (4673)