The specific cost of an abortion depends on the type of procedure and the size of the baby, which are based on gestational age. In addition the price rises as pregnancy progresses. Price also varies by provider. Clinics and private practice abortionists typically offer lower costs than hospitals. So lets go into greater detail and understand abortion costs in North Carolina.

Abortion Costs in North Carolina

Abortion costs in North Carolina

Prices may vary based on multiple factors including what state you live in and how your healthcare handles abortion. So important to find out what your state policies say about abortion. The typical costs of abortion in North Carolina are as follows below:


  • Medication Abortion / Abortion Pill (within 10 weeks gestation): $350-$650
  • Suction Aspiration / Vacuum Abortion (6-12 weeks gestation): $600-$1000
  • Dilation and Curettage (13-16 weeks gestation): $850-$1600
  • Dilation and Evacuation (17-21 weeks gestation): $1500-$2100

To find out how far along you are and the abortion procedure available for you, schedule a free and confidential appointment.

Now that you know abortion costs in North Carolina, if you find yourself considering abortion, your first step is an ultrasound. An ultrasound is important so that you can learn more about your pregnancy, the gestational age.

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